Increasing capacity in current networks

Blue Danube’s portfolio of Massive MIMO products generate agile beams for unparalleled accuracy in dynamic spectrum power placement. Built upon the HDAAS platform, products in the BeamCraft series are designed to provide a range of performance improvements and support varying field applications through design elements including transmit power, array size and intelligent software control.

BeamCraft 500 provides instant capacity uplift to FDD LTE networks. The newly introduced BeamCraft 600 is ideal for multi-band and multi-standard deployments.

The company’s first product deployment, BeamCraft 500, features 96 active elements and radios with a total maximum output power of 160W. Packed into a panel measuring just 72” x 14” x 10”, BeamCraft 500 can be easily mounted onto existing antenna locations on both towers and buildings. BeamCraft 500 is fully compatible with today’s LTE standards and with existing mobile devices. The product supports all three major FDD frequency bands (AWS, PCS and DCS) and is customizable to meet operators’ varying requirements.

The BeamCraft 600 series is the company’s second generation 5G-ready Massive MIMO system.  BeamCraft 600 supports simultaneous beamforming over multiple FDD frequency bands and multi standard deployments including 3G/4G, allowing operators to deliver increased capacity through a single compact system.

The 96-element BeamCraft 600 supports up to two active mid bands using 16 software configurable beams within the same light weight 14” wide form factor and can integrate a passive low-band option.


Blue Danube’s BeamPlanner™ is a cloud-based software that utilizes network analytics and machine learning techniques to monitor network traffic and dynamically directs RF energy to where the traffic is while steering clear of interference.   The software optimizes multi-site BeamCraft deployments and enables mobile operators to flexibly customize RF patterns in real time to dynamically manage network capacity and coverage, leading to virtualization of the network RF functions. BeamPlanner integrates seamlessly with wireless carrier’s existing RF planning workflows.